Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Modified New Balance MT101s

Hey, they're becoming famous!  (If you came here from RunBlogger, don't click that link, you just  read it. :)

It's nice to see your creations go forth and have a life of their own. ;)

Here's the summary post of that little experiment.

I don't wear my New Balance MT100s any more, which is why I sent the MT101s to Pete.  (I wore them twice: once while shopping for about half an hour after I bought them and before I had them zero-dropped, and once for the race.)  After modifying them, they were decent sneakers, although they had too much cushion for me, as Pete mentioned.  Due to a leg issue I have, these sneakers gave me serial injuries.  Although other folks had issues as well.

I'm currently running happily in Vibram FiveFinger Speeds, and Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves, when I'm wearing shoes.  Barefoot running has been key to helping me sort out my leg issue.