Sunday, April 10, 2016

"Lowering cholesterol has no effect on heart disease"


Link via Dr. Malcolm Kendrick


  1. Have you seen Dr. Kendrick's latest post?:

    As an aside an ultrarunning legend, Greg Soderlund, passed away Monday evening after he decided to stop fighting cancer, which, began roughly a year after starting on a Statin therapy for elevated cholesterol.....which, BTW, all the athletes I work with have super elevated total cholesterol...the FASTER LCD Cohort all had total cholesterol numbers over 300 mg/dl but their real numbers were better than the HCD Cohort

  2. Yes, I follow Dr. Kendrick's blog closely. Thanks for pointing it out!

    Learning about the whole cholesterol issue has been very helpful to me personally. I had a doc who for years warned me that my cholesterol was marginally too high. When I told him I planned on doing a high-fat diet he counselled me that it worried him greatly.

    "That's why I'm telling you this, doc, so you can tell me if I'm killing myself!"

    The first thing I had to do was introduce him to the accurate cholesterol test, which he wasn't even aware of.

    By TC, I was high-risk (256 last time I had it measured). By the ratios in the NMR Lipo test, I was off the bottom of the risk scales.

    He was an open-minded guy, he told me I'd likely live to 100!

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