Thursday, April 7, 2016

Native American Running Events at the Boston Marathon

From Dan Lieberman, this morning.  Please spread the word!

Native American Running: Culture, Health, Sport

Harvard University and the Boston Athletic Association are pleased to co-sponsor Native American Running: Culture, Health, Sport on April 15 and 16.  Coinciding with both the 2016 Boston Marathon and with the 80th anniversary of Ellison Myers “Tarzan” Brown, Sr. (Narragansett) winning the Marathon in 1936, this multi-day event will explore the history and importance of Native American running traditions, present efforts to support and encourage running in Native American communities today, and promote the many benefits of running.

The multi-day event kicks off with a conference on Friday, April 15 1:30 – 5:00 at Harvard's Science Center (Room C) featuring talks by native American runners including Olympian Billy Mills (Oglala Lakota), Oren Lyons (Haudenosaunee), Arnulfo Quimare (Tarahumara), Irma Chavez (Tarahumara), Dustin Martin (Navajo), Chris Sockalexis (Penobscot), Mathew Gilbert (Hopi), Alyssa Mt. Pleasant (Tuscorara), Tleena Ives (Port Gamble S’Klallam) and others.  There will also be talks by David Carrasco, Daniel Lieberman, Chris McDougall, and more.

The conference is free, and no registration is required. See the full schedule at

On Saturday April 16 at the Boston Marathon Expo (Hynes Convention Center), Billy Mills will speak at 11:00, and there will be a panel discussion from 12-1:00 featuring Rob De Castella, Irma Chavez, Dan Lieberman, Dustin Martin, Chris McDougall, Arnuflo Quimare and more.
This event is also free and open to the public

If you've never been to an event with Dan Lieberman and Chris McDougall, make it a priority.  They're both very knowledgeable (although Prof. Lieberman takes the cake!), and very entertaining speakers.  Most highly recommended.

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