Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"America's First Double Hand Transplant Recipient Wishes He Could Have Limbs Removed"

This is pretty horrible:
"Mr Kepner, from Augusta, Georgia, had lost his hands in 1999 due to sepsis, which begun as a throat infection and spread. 
"He used prosthetics, and was able to drive and have a job. 
"He says his functionality has reduced from around 75 per cent to zero since the double hand transplant, and his wife Valerie has resigned from her job to look after him full time. 
"“From day one I have never been able to use my hands,” he said. “I can do absolutely nothing. I sit in my chair all day and wear my TV out.""

Surgeons get away with murder.  If a medical device or pharmaceutical company was performing experiments like this on human subjects, they'd throw them in prison.

Kempner's at least taking responsibility for his own decision:

"“That’s the chance you take,” he said. “And that’s the chance I took.”"

Sadly, they can't even remove the hands and give back the 75% of his life that he had before.

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