Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Paying Farmers To Go Organic, Even Before The Crops Come In"

The power of the free market.  Corporations respond to their customers' demands.

Reminds me of Yvon Chouinard:

TH: Well, let's talk about politics for a second. I've got a quote here from you that I really like. "A million or ten million dollars a year won't go far toward solving the world's problems; however, if you want to change government, change the corporations, and government will follow. If you want to change corporations, change consumers." 
Are you trying to change the government through consumers? 
YC: Well, I've kind of given up on government, the idea that government is going to solve our problems. If you look at the candidates now, the environment hardly even shows up. But they're all talking about symptoms: Iraq is a symptom, healthcare is a symptom. They're all symptoms of society breaking down. Nobody is really attacking the causes. 
And so I'm trying to change corporations, and I'm trying to change consumers.

He succeeded in his business, and set the model for everyone else to follow.


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