Friday, December 11, 2020

Podcast Interview: Tucker Goodrich on Vegetable Oils Being at the Heart of Modern Disease with Brian Sanders at Peak Human

File this under better late than never, it's from 2018. The show notes are pretty extensive, so I won't go over it here, please follow the link and show Brian some love.

What makes this interview special is that afterward, Joe Kalb decided to do a fact check of what I said (horrors!).

Vegetable Oils are Bad: Tucker Goodrich, Peak Human podcast review (Part 1)
The Peak Human podcast with host Brian Sanders and guest Tucker Goodrich is my favorite health podcast episode of 2018. In the podcast, Goodrich makes a persuasive case as to what he believes is the primary cause of the diseases of civilization (diabetes, coronary heart disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, etc). In this 94 minute podcast, he strongly posits that one type of food is at the root of the health problems of our times.

What is the primary cause of these health issues? Vegetable oils. Or seed oils, as they are more accurately but less commonly known.

These seed oils are industrially-processed oils containing high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids, which break down into toxic products in our bodies. These vegetable oils (corn oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, etc.) are cheap and therefore ubiquitous in our modern food supply. Tucker Goodrich postulates that these oils, even more than refined carbohydrates, are driving the diseases that plague most of the civilized world. 
Goodrich makes the case by looking at the effects of consuming vegetable oils from several valid perspectives. In my view, he approaches the modern disease problem from all the correct angles. Some of the perspectives from which he approaches the problem are...

Joe put a lot of work into this (an amazing amount of work!) as you can tell by the fact that he broke the work into three parts! 

"Vegetable Oils are Bad: Tucker Goodrich, Peak Human podcast takeaways (Part 2)"

Most of the fact-check is in this post: 

"Vegetable Oils are Bad: Tucker Goodrich, Peak Human listening companion (Part 3)"

 Thanks a lot to Brian for doing the interview, and for Joe for fact-checking me. 

I must confess I was terrified when I heard he had done this!

Brian has a movie coming out now, also. Food Lies, there's a trailer at the link!


  1. Love this podcast but im confused abour eating conventional poultry and beef. Are these foods as high in omega 6 as seed oils and is it important to eat only 100% grass fed beef snd truly free roaming chicken to get better omega 3 ratios?

  2. While you are initially correct about processed Omega6 oils being the cause of most disease, this is simply because they're adulterated and hydrogenated making them almost plastic. It is NOT the case with organic cold pressed seed oils which are essential to life. You really should look up Prof.Brian Peskin as you're incorrect assumption could cause a horrible result in people. The brain uses only 7.2 mgs of EPA,DHA per day and is manufactured by the body from Omega3 and NOT from fish oil which is a potent toxin.