Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Barefoot Night-time Run

This was my usual 3-mile road loop.  I ran an 8:15 pace, compared to my 8:30 pace last time I ran this in my bare feet, prior to my Colorado vacation.

I wore my Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp, which did a fine job of illuminating the ground, assuming I was wearing shoes.

This was actually good.  It means you have to loosen up, relax, and trust your feet.  I think running in the dark in bare feet or Vibrams is something everyone should experience.  It really teaches you the basics, and cheating (looking at where you're landing) is not an option.

My Colorado foot-toughening made things easier than my last run, and while I did step on a couple of pebbles that I noticed, only one caused a bit of a reaction.

I brought Kipling the dog along, and as usual, he was also barefoot.  He seemed to have no problems.

I have a race scheduled for September.  After that my goal is to become a serious barefoot runner, but for now it's just a small part of the rotation.