Thursday, August 19, 2010

Great Post from Tracy in Africa

On BFT's Group:

"Can I just say as someone who actually lives in Africa now and has spent a lot of time in East Africa -- Africans do NOT wear shoes because they feel more comfortable in them. Not on your life. 99% of those wearing something on their feet here are wearing flip flops.

"Even rich people after work and on the weekends. They do not find shoes comfortable.

"Shoes are Western, shoes are 'rich', shoes are 'developed', shoes are everything their colonizers, their missionaries, their teachers, their TV tells them is cool, in, acceptable, necessary to get ahead.

"If you look at an empty plot any day after school you will see school kids of all ages playing football (soccer) in their bare feet -- with their shoes nicely placed on the sidelines with their books. I've asked many of them why (thinking they were preserving their shoes or something like that). Their answer? They can't play football in shoes, how are they going to feel the ball?

"I hate idiots who see other cultures aping us, after we've shoved our ideas and value system down their throat, and then come back and say 'see, it's natural 'cause the Africans do it'. Grrrr."