Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Feet

So the other evening, I went out for a barefoot run. 

The next day my feet had this weird sort of intense, glowy feel to them.  Not the warm, "foot massage" feel that I associate with long trail runs in my Vibrams (although this feeling has faded as my feet have gotten acclimated).  It was very distinct, and very intense. 

The next couple of runs I did were at the treadmill in the gym, and were pretty unremarkable.  And then this morning I went out for another run.  As I walked toward the door, the feeling came back.  I looked down at my feet.

"Sorry guys."

I sat down and put my injinji socks and Speeds on.

No barefooting for you today.  I felt the same way I do when I tell my dog he's not going to be coming along on a run.

This is definitely one of the stranger experiences I've had in this long, strange trip of going minimalist.