Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What To Do About Alcohol?

"It can almost be said beyond doubt that moderate alcohol consumption is healthier than complete abstinence. With this in mind, it's strange that the fitness and health community shun alcohol. This irrational attitude seems to be grounded in the beliefs that alcohol is fattening and will hamper muscle gains. So let's take a look at that."
Very interesting.

BTW, while I'm a fan of alcohol consumption, and not a fan of sugar consumption, I find all the studies that show various benefits of moderate alcohol consumption somewhat hard to believe.  It's possible that they're true, but I wouldn't start drinking if you don't just because of these studies.

The problem with these studies is the Mormons.  Mormons (assuming they're following their religion) don't smoke, don't drink, and, as a group, have a longer life expectancy than the Japanese.  If alcohol is so good for you, why isn't there some evidence of that in Mormon life-expectancy statistics?

So anytime a scientific study is in contradiction to real-world experience, I have to be skeptical of the study.