Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visit to the Doctor Today

The pretext was my annual (or, in my case bi-annual) physical.  Two years ago Doc had told me that my cholesterol and fasting blood sugar were borderline problematic.  I promptly forgot the bit about the blood sugar, but he reminded me today, and mentioned that this was "like a lot of people". 


After I started this primal/paleo diet I rescheduled my next teeth-cleaning to give the diet enough time to have effect, and I scheduled today's physical to see if the diet was killing me. ;)

The visit to the dentist back in May went very well.  They were impressed with the condition of my teeth and gums, and complimented me on my tooth care.  Unfortunately my tooth care hadn't changed, but my diet had.

I added in Dr. Price's magic potion, and deleted veggie oils, wheat, and most other carbs.  I started eating a lot more fat.  I'll note I've not be a big consumer of sugar for 20 years, which avoided most of the cavities (all but one), but not the gingivitis.

Bleeding gums is no longer a part of my life.  Can't recall the last time it's happened.  And the occasional feeling of "loose teeth" which gave me regular nightmares, is also gone.

So today Doc took blood, and we went over a lot of things.  It was pretty interesting.  General health was good, the near-twenty-pound weight loss was noted, and the diverticulitis was discussed.

I should have the blood results back in a week or so.  He offered to sit down and go over them, an offer I plan to accept.