Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zola Budd Pieterse on Barefoot-Style Running

During the panel discussion, Budd told the audience going barefoot can lead to stronger feet. "It all starts with the foot; if the foot is strong, the body posture will be the same way."

When Budd finally did put on shoes to run on the roads growing up, they felt "so sluggish and uncomfortable. I had more injuries running with shoes than I ever did barefoot. I am so glad it (natural running) is being rediscovered."

And, with just a touch of pride, the modest Budd added: "It just shows I was right all along!"

Budd, 44, was wearing her Newtons on this run, as she does whenever she runs on the hard surfaces. She will also wear the shoes at the Oct. 3 Twin Cities Marathon, where she looks to improve on her best of 2 hours, 59 minutes.
One wonders why she doesn't go back to barefoot.

Newtons.  Better than Nikes, at least.