Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Blog I'll Be Following: Science-Based Medicine

They're here.  They seem to have some interesting content, but they immediately call themselves into question by statements like this:
"...both of whom are well known corporate shills, apologists for conservative politics, antienvironmentalists, and anthropogenic climate change 'skeptics.'"
Dr. Gorski forgot to add "heretics" to his list of sins above, but I guess it would be redundant.

Hmm.  That position as an "anthropogenic climate change 'skeptic'" is looking pretty savvy right about now.

This looks like an interesting site, but also a fine example of how ideology permeates the academy, even areas that ought to be ignoring it. 

(Apparently they really hate the Weston A. Price Foundation.)

P.S. OMG, how will I stand this place?
"All in all, now that Obama is in power I’m much less worried about the future of science and medicine – and the influence of Obama on Canada (though the lingering Bush effect here is worrying). Not only is Obama young enough to be on the engaged side of the digital divide (and is clearly a master of communication) but he doesn’t seem married to nostalgia-based/reactionary orthodoxies either – it bodes well."
That's just a commenter, of course.  Can you be Science-based, and gullible at the same time?  I guess so...