Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Fierce Feet! Get Your Feet STILETTO READY!"

Dr. Emily Splichal
My new favorite barefoot-friendly podiatrist. And she's in NYC... Her nickname is "Dr. Legs", and you'll see why:

"“We actually have an innate natural shock absorption system in our foot that has become lazy. Our foot is designed to absorb shock. Fancy shoes with all fancy technology throw off your stability, so you work twice as hard to counter that instability,” Splichal said.

"On the other hand, Splichal said shoes like the “sock-like” Vibram Five Finger Shoes and similar-style brands are great transition shoes to barefoot running. Many of her patients with chronic knee, back or foot pain have found relief with these types of shoes. Sporting these shoes requires you to use your natural foot support and strengthen your feet.

"“I always push barefoot balance training because our foot is our foundation,” Splichal said. “I think everyone should be integrating barefoot exercises into their routines. Whether it’s someone with lower back pain, flat feet, women wearing high heels or athletes.”"

Very cool.  Here's a video from her YouTube channel (from whence comes the title to this post):

As I'm learning with my daughters, girls are going to wear heels.  But they can at least balance wearing heels with going barefoot, to minimalize the damage heels to do the feet.

As Galahad Clark, founder of Vivo Barefoot put it:
"We are not against women wearing high heels from time to time parading their best bits.... Just if they spend as much time barefoot between the heels – the better!"