Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meb Keflezighi In Skechers vs. In Nikes

Very interesting post. 
"The company’s new “Go-Run” line promises to make you switch to a mid-foot strike: “The Way You’re Supposed to Run.”"
Alex links to two videos of Meb running, one in Nikes, and one in Skechers.

Here's a screen shot of Meb running in Skechers.

He's clearly heel-striking.  Perhaps he's reduced the impact transient from heel-striking, which would likely reduce his chance of injury, and improve his pace; since he'd have less braking force.

But that's impossible to tell from a video.

Sweat Science is a great blog, by the way. I've learned a lot from following it.

P.S. Runblogger has an extensive look at Meb's running form.