Thursday, January 5, 2012

Paul Jaminet's Theory of Obesity

Part I: “The Fat Trap”:

"...However, Jay’s experience on [the Perfect Health Diet] breaks the pattern. Jay went from 250 pounds to 170 pounds – his normal weight – in six months. Weight loss was steady and he experienced little hunger. He’s maintained his normal weight without regain for 3 months. 
"This is just as my theory predicts. PHD is a lean-tissue supporting diet, and if his lean tissue is well nourished, he should feel little hunger. If his lean tissue heals fast enough, then his lean-tissue drive will decrease faster than his leptin signaling, his equilibrium weight determined by the balance of these two drives will always be below his actual weight, and he should experience smooth weight loss. Which he did..."
I follow the PHD.  I started following it before I read about it.

I've been rock-steady around 168 pounds for 18 months after being between 179-185 for years.  I lost the weight in two months, without hunger, and without effort.  I've now started weight lifting, and my "lean mass set-point" seems to now be at 170.  Because I've put on muscle.

I didn't lose much weight compared to some, but if you're looking to lose weight, I highly suggest you read the whole thing.