Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"New Study on Heart Deaths in Distance Runners..."

...“Long distance running races are associated with low overall risk of cardiac arrest and sudden death.”

Indeed, the authors present evidence that cardiac-arrest rates in distance races are lower than those in college sports (18-22 year olds!) and triathlons, and comparable to rates among healthy joggers and avid recreational exercisers. Thus: “The risk associated with long distance running events is equivalent to or lower than the risk experienced in other vigorous physical activity.” (See Tables below for key statistical data from RACER.)...
Amby Burfoot also interviews the Dr. who conducted the study:
As runners, should we be troubled by anything you learned from your study of cardiac arrests in marathons and half marathons?
Aaron Baggish:
No, there's nothing in the study that should be troubling to the average runner. If anything, our findings should be reassuring. Deaths are very rare in marathons and half marathons. For the average runner, the sport we love so much is well-tolerated and safe.
So much for Chronic Cardio...  And this doesn't look so good: Top Ten Reasons Not to Run Marathons.