Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Form and Wear For Vibram Five-Fingers

"I've worn through three pairs of standard KSOs so far.

"First one was 800 miles.

"Second was 900 miles

"Third is about to wear out at around 1,100 miles

"I've lost weight and improved my form over the course of these pairs, which I believe accounts for the difference.

"Generally all my pairs have been been worn through on the outside of the forefoot opposite the ball."

That sounds about right, and is a pretty interesting validation of the notion that with improved form comes decreased wear on your body. Wear of the shoe is caused by friction, and friction implies a shock to the body. Less friction should cause less shock. Of course if you look at your sneakers, you'll likely notice the wear appears at the outside of the heel, not the ball of the foot.

Follow the link for the conversation, and thanks to DocHolliday2006 for the interesting post.

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