Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Podcast Interview: "A Cautionary, Fascinating Tale of How So-called 'Heart Healthy' Seed Oils Can Make Us Sick" with Susan Flory.

Susan Flory
Susan Flory

A really nice interview with Susan Flory, whose "The Big Middle" podcast is about "Free-range conversations about living healthier for longer and demanding more from the bigger middle of life"

A cautionary, fascinating tale of how so-called 'heart healthy' seed oils can make us sick

On this episode of The Big Middle, the compelling case against seed and vegetable oils still being touted as ‘heart-healthy’. Those bottles of chemically-extracted fat that take up entire aisles of grocery stores are increasingly seen as hazardous to our health – key drivers of autoimmunity, macular degeneration and the modern plague of lifestyle diseases known as metabolic syndrome.

Even the major makers of soybean, sunflower, corn and other seed and vegetable oils are quietly backing away from them, well aware of the biological damage they can do.

Tucker Goodrich has been sounding the alarm over the health risks of seed oils for more than a decade. He suffered 20 years of gastrointestinal torment and much – scary – more that mystified his doctors. So he dug into the medical science himself, eventually pinpointing industrial seed oils as a villain in his sickness puzzle.

Tucker’s become a recognised world authority on the subject and I guarantee his Patient Heal Thyself story will blow your mind...

The podcast is here, with the usual subscription options, or listen below.

Also, we discuss this: Stephan Guyenet's "Malocclusion: Disease of Civilization" Series, if you want more information.


  1. Nice. I enjoyed that podcast. I'll send a link to my wife as well. She has been struggling with migraines lately and was diagnosed with some type of thyroid disease a while back (most likely Hashimoto's) and I hope that will keep her interested in this discussion.
    We threw out the seed oils long ago and only use coconut oil. We can't use tallow or lard because she has an alpha-gal allergy (tick-borne illness) so all mammal products are off-limits in the house.
    Any suggestions on what fat to use when you can't eat beef or pork? coconut oil is the general fallback, and I reluctantly buy olive oil occasionally. Bacon grease was the go-to before the meat allergy (about 6 years ago now).

    1. Sorry to hear about the alpha-gal allergy. That's a rough one, I don't know what I'd do!

      Coconut oil is an obvious answer, but any other vegetable fat that's low in n-6 linoleic acid is an option; so good olive oil, good avocado oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil and cocoa butter are all things to look at.

      I she able to eat fish?

  2. Great Podcast, very informative. I find it odd that some of the leading voices in health are not even doctors. Aside from Mr. Goodrich, we also have Nina Teicholz and Gary Taubes. All of whom I have learned so much from and all have fundamentally changed the way I see food and the dietary choices I make everyday - Thank You!

    1. You're welcome! Glad you can find some value in it!

    2. I agree this podcast was great. Basically all podcasts with Tucker are great - you are a fantastic wealth of knowledge! Seed oils should be forbidden by law.
      Just to comment on Ken's note that doctors are not frontrunners on health. That's correct but we have to consider that doctors are trained at treating the symptoms - they are not so much educated on preventing them. Probably most doctors know that the bulk of diseases stems from a bad diet. However they know that patients fail to follow any healthy diet guideline.