Sunday, February 21, 2021

Seed Oils (Linoleic Acid) and Susceptibility to Burning

This is one of my favorite twitter threads, but twitter is a strange, fluid place, so I thought I would memorialize it here for posterity.

I present the thread first as a narrative; the links to the tweets will appear below, along with the author's information.
Ok, time for a MIND. BLOWN. thread

I was cooking myself lunch just now. I wanted something quick and practical (and meat is always on the menu) so I went for steak and butter on steel pan. About a pound of it.

I'm not a frequent cook so sometimes I mess things up a little.

I was putting away things in the fridge when realized butter was smoking a lot.

I rushed to add the meat, butter splashed and half my thumb got licked by smoking butter (almost 200 C or 350 F)

I had read about @TuckerGoodrich's stories about resistance to sun burn and fire burns when you substitute PUFAs from your diet and my first reaction was confusion:

I very well know what an oil burn feels like and it just didn't hurt as much! Plus, my skin is not even red!

No pain, no redness, no swelling, NADA!

I had already noticed a huge, HUGE difference with my tolerance to sun but this is even crazier!


Of course other factors can't be excluded, such as placebo effect 

It's going to take a very, very good reason for me to ever use industrial PUFA oils in my kitchen again.

Funny thing is it's a bit awkward to even talk to people about this. People will surely think I'm crazy (or a quack)....

I'm telling you guys, @TuckerGoodrich is right on to something huge with potencially deep implications for health in general.

Someone has to give this a shot in formal research.

Great stuff. Exciting times

All thanks to Twitter. I would never have known about this anywhere else in a hundred times.

Plus people who are willing to direct you towards links, references and awesome discussions.

Fire-resistance, by diet!

I'm really blown away! Say what you will, quack or not.

End of thread.

Please somehow try this (SAFELY) at home!

Here's his twitter profile:

Guilherme Marquezine

And below are the tweets. Pretty cool.


  1. It's worked for me all these years, and I found it as striking as Guilherme did.
    I went from having regular blisters to it being a very rare occurrence, and no longer as painful. What I get now instead is, if anything a [patch of dead skin that disappears overnight. Ditto with tears and scratches of my hands, and those becoming inflamed.
    I can pour just-boiled water into a hot water bottle, for example, without being overly anxious about the blow back on my hands, and resist oil splashes and accidental contacts with the fittings inside a 200C oven, unless I hold on to them. Even then, sometimes.
    This should not be impossible to test scientifically.

  2. I know this guy. He's a Brazilian doctor... My wife follows him. He treats diabetes the right way.