Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ignore The "Experts"...

Wait for the data:

"Even the researchers themselves, however, were surprised by the results. 'We expected there to be virtually no fish out there based on all the reports we were getting about the toxicity of the dispersant and the toxicity of the hydrocarbons, and reports that hypoxia [low oxygen] had been created as a result of the oil and dispersant,' says John Valentine, who directed the study. 'In every way you can imagine, it should have been a hostile environment for fish and crabs; our collection showed that was not the case.'

"Also surprising was how quickly the populations grew. 'In the cosmic scheme of things, a matter of four or five months led to this huge difference in everything, sharks, fish of all forms, even the juvenile fish found in sea-grass beds. That’s a pretty interesting and unanticipated outcome, I would say,' says Valentine. The surge is so robust, he says, that it may be impossible to determine whether the oil spill has had any effect on sea life at all."

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