Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Merrell Barefoot Trail

The Holy Grail.

Thanks to Pete.

More info from Merrell's blog:

"With that in mind, Merrell created the Barefoot collection. We know that when you’re outside running, playing with your kids, or cruising the farmer’s market that you want feel connected to the experience. So we partnered with Vibram to bring you a shoe that is the next best thing to being barefoot. Super lightweight, flexible, low profile, beneficial and stylish. That’s the collection in a nutshell. But there’s so much more, too. The Barefoot collection helps to strengthen your feet and legs, re-align your posture and stimulate your senses. All of these benefits in one pair of shoes, the fun is an added bonus."

Marketing-speak, blech. But at least they're saying the right things.

1 comment:

  1. Not too shabby looking. Hope they make 'em big enough for my feet. I was a big fan of my Merrell mocs until I started going minimalist/barefoot.