Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More News From Podiatry

"Dr. Gregory Clark, head of podiatry at Scripps Clinic Medical Group in Rancho Bernardo, concedes that the conceptual advantages of barefoot running may have some valid benefits for elite runners who are in tune with their bodies and able to alter their gait and running style. But Clark cautioned the average or beginning runner that the laundry list of potential injuries is extensive, ranging from stress fractures to skin lacerations and infections.

"'The foot, which is the body’s primary shock absorber, is an absolutely amazing anatomic structure,' Clark said. 'Unfortunately, the majority of people are not in good enough physical condition or have not trained appropriately to take advantage of these things.'"

Doc, we're not all cripples out here, you know.

Believe it or not, I feel bad about indicting an entire profession.  But I keep reading things like this coming from podiatrists, and I happen to know that they're entirely lacking in any grounding in reality.

So, to the podiatrists, please stop making fools of yourselves.  This guy is a podiatrist, and he got it, so it's possible.  And he wrote this book in 1961.  You've got no excuse.

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