Monday, November 22, 2010

Vibram Bikilas After 1,000 Miles

They don't look too bad at all, actually.


  1. I'm debating on getting these for my road races..

  2. I got a pair for road races, but no longer use them for that purpose. They have too much cushioning. I use them as trail shoes now. If you look closely at the pictures on daily mile, you'll see that most of the wear is on the heel: she's still heel striking a bit in those, due, IMHO, to the cushioning.

    I'm a big fan of the Speeds:

    They have less cushioning underfoot, but the same smooth interior as the Bikilas. They're available from the UK, at the moment.

  3. hmm heel striking.. BOO!!! Do you think maybe she's never run barefoot and hasn't learned how not to heel strike? Do you road race in KSO's?

  4. I think she's a fine runner, but I think the Bikilas have enough cushioning so that you can heel strike and not be aware of it. I have this problem in the Treks. My heels start throbbing after I finish the run.

    I've run races in the KSOs, yes, and love them. I sort of prefer the KSOs, because they've got less cushioning than the Speeds, but the Speeds are more comfortable.