Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Enlightened Heart Surgeons and Cardiologists"

"Now, how do you think Dr. Gundry became enlightened? He tells the story in the first part of the interview, but let me just recount it to wet your appetite. It was about 7 years or so ago that a male patient in his 40s came to him, had already had several heart attacks, and had been pronounced inoperable, as every single artery was 95% clogged. In essence, he had been given a death sentence, and it was only a matter of time.

"About a year later, the gentleman returned to see the doctor and begged him to do another angiogram. Guess what? The 95% blockages had been reduced to 50% blockages."

Wow. I'm going to listen to these interviews now.

P.S.: The links to Jimmy Moore's interview with Dr. Gundry posted on Richard Nikolai's blog no longer work.  The correct links are here:

Dr. Steven Gundry, Part 1

Dr. Steven Gundry, Part 2

P.P.S.: OK, finished the interview.  Fascinating stuff.  A leading heart surgeon who realizes he can do more good for peoples' hearts by having them go on a paleo-style diet than by having them visit him for surgery.  The really alarming part of the interview is when he describes what happens to peoples' skin tags when they go on his diet.  He calls insulin "Miracle-Gro" for cancer cells.

P.P.P.S.: The other remarkable part of this interview is when Dr. Gundry discusses Stephen Guyenet's favorite heart-disease and diet study, The Lyon Diet-Heart Study.  This study pitted the American Heart Association recommended diet against a "Mediteranean", low-linoleic acid diet.  According to Dr. Gundry, they stopped the study because so many people on the AHA diet were dying.  Yikes.