Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Podcast: The Paleo Solution

This is one of the more eccentric podcasts that I've discovered.  Andy Deas and Robb Wolf get together once a week and Andy picks Robb's brain on topics related to paleo diet and fitness. 

Robb occasionally intersects with the English language, descending from (seemingly) his native surfer-talk, but he's got some interesting things to say.

They've got an extremely practical approach to the paleo diet, although I'm still mystified by what Robb's got against beef tallow.

In their latest episode, Andy and Robb interview some guy named Tim Ferris, who has a very interesting-sounding book out called the Four-Hour Body. It's a pretty fascinating discussion, and for anyone interested in biological auto-hacking, I'd say it's a must-listen.

iTunes link to The Paleo Solution podcast.