Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Barefoot FUD Spread By Podatrists

Infectious Fears, thanks to Dr. Howell.

"The fear of getting infections by going barefoot is irrational though understandable given the cultural ‘brainwashing’ we receive throughout childhood – doctors, camp counselors, teachers and parents constantly tell kids that going barefoot is dangerous. It’s an irrational fear however because it’s not based in fact or human experience, and I’m starting to get perturbed at chronically-shod people (like Dr. Crane) infecting the populace with erroneous ideas about barefooting. If you really want to know the hazards of going barefoot, wouldn’t it be best to ask a barefooter?"

I completely agree about being barefoot in gyms.  The locker room is the most dangerous place you're likely to go, and is where I've gotten athelete's foot and plantar warts.  Go walk in some nice, clean dirt and you're likely to be completely fine.