Thursday, December 2, 2010

Podcast: Geeks In Running Shoes

Pete the Runblogger turned me on to this podcast. They're definitely geeks, as advertised, and they've also beginning runners which gives them a good perspective on things, as they're still exploring the beginning issues of running, which is cool.

They've not gotten on the barefoot/minimalist bandwagon yet, although they did recently have a coach on who's big into Newtons, so they're getting there, hopefully. Although if you want to hear a bunch of silly comments about barefoot running, go listen to that coach. :) (Sorry, Coach.)

For their latest episode, they've outdone themselves: they've got a nice interview with Scott Jurek.  They're good interviewers, too: they ask lots of intelligent questions and allow the interviewee to answer at length.  Since they're beginning runners, they ask lots of basic questions, which really adds to the quality of the interview, IMHO.  ("What do you think about on a 100-mile run?")

Jurek has lots of interesting stuff to talk about: How he got into running, how to get into ultra-running, and how he handles a vegan diet are some of the things I found of interest.

While this isn't on the A-list of podcasts that I listen to just yet, this is a really interesting episode, and I recommend it highly.

Definitely give this episode a listen.

"Geeks in Running Shoes" on iTunes.