Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exercise For A Weak Ankle

In my ankle post I mentioned that one of the signs that something was wrong was when I ran across rough surfaces and had an Achilles' tendon pain.  Well, thanks to my trainer, I've found an exercise that replicates that pain in a few short minutes.  Hopefully this will allow me to strengthen the ankle...

The exercise is pretty simple: procure a step box, about 4 inches high, and starting on the left side, using one foot, jump up on the box, then down on the right side, then back up on the box, and then down on the left side.  Continue until you're unable to, or whatever. ;)

What I found really fascinating about this exercise is that when I did it with my strong left leg, I landed almost silently.  My weaker right leg made a loud sound each time I landed on the box. 

One of my principles of barefoot-style running is that if you're doing it right, you're doing it quietly. 

Clearly my right leg is in bad shape.