Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"...The Very Latest Fitness Trends"

"Barefoot training

"Exercising with bare feet is expected to get even bigger in 2011. 'Off the back of some research done into running with bare feet and the benefits of it, there's a lot of buzz about barefoot training at the moment,' says Alan Holl, head of commercial fitness at Virgin Active. 'It's the natural way to run, and means you usually land on the front of your foot, which reduces impact. If you wear trainers, you tend to land on the heel, the impact of which is not good for your legs and can even lead to knee and shin problems.' Exercising barefoot helps to develop ankle, knee and hip stabilisation, promoting good movement and preventing injury.

"Virgin Active gyms are offering the group exercise willPower & Grace [sic], a barefoot training programme that aids the functionality of the entire body. Originating in New York, it is a cardio-meets-body-and-mind exercise class. A new book on barefoot running, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Barefoot Running by Dr Craig Richards, is published on 1 February, and Vibram FiveFingers, a company that manufactures a type of shoe that acts like a glove for the foot, allowing you to mimic exercising barefoot, while actually wearing some protection, is growing in popularity...."

Unfortunately those ridiculous toning shoes also get a nod.