Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Persistence Hunting: Can It Really Be This Easy?

This is from 1978 in Sports Illustrated:

"Outside the trees myself, I slowed to a walk. I was only 10 yards away from him. He took a tentative step, but his head sank. He could go no further. I stopped where I was and talked to him soothingly.

"Flies circled over his back, at least a couple of dozen of them, but he was trembling so severely that they couldn't light. His wide brown eyes never blinked or left my own the whole time I was talking to him.

"When a full minute had passed that way, he had rested enough to raise his head. The trembling eased. The flies alighted.

"I walked up slowly and touched his sweaty flank. He started away, jerkily and graceless for the first few steps, then with increasing confidence, and all the way his head was turned to watch me."
On his first try, an experienced runner is able run down and touch a deer.  That's incredible.

Thanks to Josh W.