Friday, January 21, 2011

Running In The Military

Pose, Chi, and Evolution are making inroads in the military, to help cut down the injury rate.  (Running related injuries are now the number one training injury in the military.)

"Meanwhile, a slew of recent studies are overturning long-held running maxims as researchers struggle to more clearly define the emerging doctrines.

"'The answer to decreasing running injuries is not to limit running, it is to develop the runner,' says Maj. Charles Blake, a 3rd Special Forces Group doctor serving as physical therapist for special ops units in Afghanistan.

"Blake insists the key to reversing injuries and improving running is simply a matter of technique.

"'I have taken four minutes off a person’s two-mile run time in a week. That can only be related to technique in movement,' he says.

"Change can’t come soon enough. More than a million troops suffer serious sprains, strains and other injuries every year, with running as the leading cause, according to Defense Department research....

"Termain says Pose did what numerous sports medicine docs, podiatrists and expensive orthotic inserts never could — put an end to what seemed like an endless string of running injuries."

Via Runblogger on Facebook.