Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How The Government Protects The Food Supply

"While some state regulators took steps to clamp down on tainted eggs, the federal government was much slower to act, despite entreaties from state officials alarmed at the growing toll....

"And the federal government, at times under pressure from Congress and the industry to limit regulation, spent two decades debating national egg safety standards. New rules finally went into effect in July — too late to prevent the current round of illness....

"'The states were left on our own, with no federal oversight or guidance, to regulate this bug as best we could,' he said.

"'It has been one big 20-year experiment.'"

You're on your own, in other words. Caveat emptor.

Oh, wait. It's OK. DeCoster apologizes. Never mind.

Why didn't the Enron guys think of that?