Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Method For Madness

I've been waiting for this book to come out for most of my life.  The first book in the series came out 1983.  Every time I went to the book store I would check to see if the next book was out. When I finished book 4 of the "War Against the Chtorr", I started checking for the next book in the series.  Religiously.  For years and years, every time I went in to a book store, I would walk over to the sci-fi section and look.

I've even corresponded with David Gerrold, the author, via email 10 or more years ago.

And now Amazon has sent me an email telling me it's going to be available soon.  I immediately pre-ordered.  If the editors are reading, I'll pre-order all of the books in the series the instant they become available in whatever format they're released.  Gold-plated hardcover?  Sold.  (I don't have the original paperback editions, and they've been out of print for, oh, ever.)

I really hope this isn't a mistake.

Update: Mr. Gerrold confirms on Facebook that the book should be available next Christmas, not next summer as Amazon has it.  Which means it's finished, and coming our way.  YEEHAW!

Congratulations on finishing it!