Thursday, September 9, 2010

"The Paleo Diet Cookbook"

Here's an interview with Dr. Cordain about the new book.  In it, he says:
"A couple of key points are different from my first book, The Paleo Diet, which was published in 2002. First, I no longer advocate the use of canola oil, for reasons explained in the book, and I have also taken a softer stand on saturated fats based upon my own article on the topic, published in 2006, and available as a free PDF download from my website."
Good for him.  Including canola oil and excluding saturated fat was pretty ridiculous in the first place, and I'm glad he's corrected it.  Now if only he'd do a revised version of The Paleo Diet.

(Via Nell Stephenson, a co-author of The Paleo Cookbook.)