Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Balance MT101 Pre-Release Review

I don't like the color.  But it sounds like the improvements are all for the good.  I'll probably go to my local New Balance store and try on a pair when they come in.

Since I've modified mine, and don't wear them all that much anyway, I doubt I'll spend the money.   I'd be more excited to try the Minimus.

Amazon has these now.

OK, after writing all this and scheduling the post, I called the local NB store.  They have them in stock!  I went and tried on a pair.  Now I own a pair.  Darnit.

I'll be dropping them off at the cobbler tomorrow to have the heel removed, but the reason I bought them is because the toe box is notably wider, especially on the outside of the foot.  It's a much more comfortable fit.

I also discovered that I really need a 10 now, although I have a 9.5 in the 100, my feet do seem to be getting bigger.