Monday, September 20, 2010

Latest Barefoot Run

So after polishing my right foot down just shy of the muscle a few weeks ago, I decided to take some time off barefoot running.  Both to give my skin a chance to grow back, and so as not to blow up my race.

Having finished the race Saturday afternoon, and feeling in pretty good shape by Sunday afternoon, I decided to go out.

I will note that I had stepped on a thorn at the race finish at Hampton Beach, NH.  I immediately sat down and tried to get it out, but I immediately had a full-body cramp that left me lying on my back in the sand, with people running over to make sure I wasn't having a seizure, or a heart attack.

Oh well, so I guess my foot was too far away from my arms...  Sunday afternoon I reexamined the thorn, and got it out fairly easily.

So I ran for 3 miles at an easy (10 min/mile) pace, with a hole in my foot.  The hole wasn't an issue at all, and my form felt much improved from my last foray out.  (I did not put a band-aid or anything on the hole, btw.) 

I think I've finally figured out what was causing problems in my right ankle, and while it's not fixed, it's getting there.

I am definitely going to put a lot more effort into running barefoot going forward.