Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Introduction to Epigenetics

What on Earth is epigenetics?  Here you go.
"If we think of evolution or natural selection as being long term genetic adaptation to the environment, epigenetics provides for short term rapid adjustments to the environment.

"In essence, epigenetics is the tweaking of the system to fit the environment."
Now when I first started reading Mark Sisson's site and read him going on about 'reprogramming your genes', I thought it was a bit of hyperbole.  Clearly it's not.

And although it's not been shown yet, that I'm aware of, clearly if genes can be turned on to adapt to an environmental situation, they must be able to be turned back off.

I'd also like to note that Weston Price anticipated this process back in the 1930s:
"The general architecture of the body is apparently determined primarily by the health of the two germ cells at the time of their union. This architectural design may not be completely fulfilled due to interference with nutritive processes both before and after birth. In this large problem of the relationship between physical design of the body and resistance or susceptibility to disease, we may have determining factors operating at different periods in prenatal and postnatal growth. The accumulating evidence strongly emphasizes that disease susceptibility is a widely variable factor and associated with certain types of developmental disturbances."