Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Half of U.S.A. on Drugs

This clearly can't be a good thing.  How did we go from being the most healthy, robust nation in the history of the Earth to this? 

Here's a bunch of responses the author received, including this:

"Even the most obese in my patient population stubbornly insist they do not overeat and that they must have a glandular problem or some other explanation."

I find it pretty hard to believe that half the nation is overweight because of a lack of will.  Exercise and cutting calories doesn't work to lose weight (I've tried), and it's entirely likely that these are not at the root of the obesity problem.  Two of the most commonly consumed foods in our diet, wheat and industrial seed oils, seem to cause people to become obese and sick, yet these are recommended for our consumption by most of the medical establishment.