Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moonbat No Longer?

Poor George Monbiot.  He's having a rough year.  First Global Warming is exposed as fraud, and now it appears he's realized the case for veganism isn't as strong as he thought it was.

This is the link that brought this to my attention, and this is the underlying link to Mr. Monbiot's review.
"This will not be an easy column to write. I am about to put down 1,200 words in support of a book that starts by attacking me and often returns to this sport. But it has persuaded me that I was wrong. More to the point, it has opened my eyes to some fascinating complexities in what seemed to be a black and white case."
Bravo to Monbiot.  It's not easy to have to make an admission like this.  (Just ask my wife about when I renounced wheat this spring.  Admitting you've been misled is no easy thing.)

Monbiat's review makes Meat, a Benign Extravagance sound like a very interesting book; although I can imagine some better titles.  Meat is no extravagance when you're dependent on it.

Thanks to Scott for the link.