Friday, September 17, 2010

Reach The Beach Relay Race

Right about now, the Rank and Vile team of which I'm a member should be starting off

I'll be wearing my Vibram Speeds for my 3 legs, with my cut-down New Balance MT100s as a fall back (primarily in case of cold weather).

It's a 200-mile relay race.  I've been wanting to run this race for 5 years, since my good friends (and better runners) started doing it.

1st year: laser eye surgery (discretionary).

2nd year: diverticulitis surgery.
3rd year (last year): kicked a suitcase and bruised my ankle bone. Was on the team and had to drop.
4th year (this year): BETTER NOT HAVE ANYTHING HAPPEN! ;)

It's a 12-person 11-person team (oops), and we each run three most of us will be running 3 legs.  I've got a 3-mile leg and 2 6-mile legs.

All I need to to is finish with an 8-handle on my time, and I've met expectations, so anything better than that is gravy. :)  God willing.