Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Follow-up to "McStatin"

Nope, not a joke.

Unfortunately, the researcher is a joke, as my daughter like's to say, "bad joke".

He does say this, though: "Daily statin tablets are now routine therapy for patients whose future diet and exercise are considered permanently irreparable."

I doubt that for most statin-takers, their "future diet and exercise" really are "permanently irraparable", but at least this fellow is conceding that you don't need to take them.  Just fix your diet and get some exercise.

He also claims that all the reports of statin side-effects are in people's imaginations.
"As for side effects of statin, they are few, when the genuine statin muscle abnormalities are compared to the blank placebo tablets. The power of the human imagination is gigantic: more than most people imagine (if that is not a self-defeating statement)."
I don't buy that.  Go read the reports, and decide for yourself. 

Unfortunately, when states that "It can’t be because salt (for example) is healthier than statins." he lost me.  Obviously salt is healthier than statins.  You'll die if you get no salt.  Duh.

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